At Sharing Vision, we recognise that every small business begins with a dream and a passion to succeed. We realise that it also takes a great deal of time and energy to make that dream a reality.


That’s why we’re here, to help businesses succeed and to improve the well being of our customers and local communities.

Vending Services

As the world evolves in its requirements for a more convenient and efficient retail experience, modernisation and a greater amount of automation in the field of retail will be required.


By giving our products the latest technology, we ensure that they are visually appealing, are digital, can receive cashless payments, are Wi-Fi enabled, are incredibly stable, and are exceptionally convenient to use.


We aim to cement our position as the global leaders in the development of next-generation automated retail and smart self-servicing kiosks.


By equipping our machines with all of the features listed, we make it possible to either  supplement, partially replace, or stand-in-place-of traditional canteens, depending on our customer's requirements.


Our vending solution & associated technologies form the perfect supplement to existing contract caterers who wish to utilise a more cost-effective way to cater remote locations and provide catering throughout the night.

On average our products can save a business up to £7 per employee per day when compared to traditional catering.


Sharing Vision Vending Machine Logisitics

As a smart–automated retail kiosk provider, we’ll take care of everything for you. When you work with Sharing Vision you are doing more than bringing an automated retail kiosk into your business. Instead, you are getting a full scale partner who can manage every aspect of the retail & vending process.


We’ll do everything from transporting the machines, making sure the machines are stocked with high quality products, to fixing any unforeseen issues that might be incurred.


We want to make sure that your customers and employees are totally satisfied with their Sharing Vision experience, and that you as the owner, have to do as little work as possible.


Our technology can be applied to most businesses and communities, but we believe that our products have significant benefits when utilised in the following applications:


• supermarkets • hospitals

• contract caterers • universities

• educational facilities • budget hotels

• petrol stations • electronic charging stations

• grab and go operators • airports • factories

• processing facilities • prisons • retail shops

• building sites • office buildings • workplaces

• residential estates


We add significant value to your business by offering the following services.

  • A wide selection of Sharing Vision Technology

  • Digital Food Ordering Platform

  • Continuous Research and Development

  • Marketing and Advertising Support

  • Business Development Support

  • Operational Support

  • 24-hour Customer Support Service

  • Our Meal Sharing CSR Program.

Added Services

At Sharing Vision, we tailor our project management process to the unique needs of each customer


Each customer will receive a dedicated Business Consultant who will handle all issues related to your contract, pricing, logistics, food selection, future upgrades and general account satisfaction.