Sharing Vision manufactures a range of vending machines that redefine what's possible via automated retail.

The synergy between state-of-the-art technology and advanced engineering allows Sharing Vision vending machines to stock and vend restaurant-quality hot and cold food & beverage products.  

Vending Products

Instant Hot Fod Vending Kiosk

Instant Hot Food Kiosk

Our state-of-the-art hot food vending kiosk provides the most innovative and convenient system for storing food produce currently on the market.


By only working with the highest quality food suppliers we can offer a wide range of products that meet all of your dietary requirements.


These products include healthy items such as soups, snacks, and meals which can all be served in a ready-to-eat condition within a matter of minutes.


Through our digital touch screen menu, customers can easily choose their desired products, and can even refine the menu to indicate their specific dietary needs. Our Kiosk can store over 50 different products, and has the capability to offer both frozen and chilled products at the same time!

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Ice Cream Vending Kiosk
Ice Cream Kiosk

Through the use of our patented technology we are able to offer our customers with the most stable and reliable frozen storage kiosk on the market.


With our ice cream kiosk, temperatures are continually monitored and held at -24c, ensuring that all your ice cream or frozen products are continuously stored in a safe condition.

Ice cream still proves to be one the best selling products on the market via automated kiosks, with a number of similar products, such as frozen yogurt, having similar success.


Equipped with our own robotic mechanical arm design, our machine offers fantastic flexibility with regard to the variety of product packaging that can be placed inside the kiosk.

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Self Pick-Up Retail Kiosk
Self Pick-Up Retail Kiosk

Another revolutionary product from us is our unmanned Self Pick-Up Retail Kiosk. This technology enables customers to shop for their grocery items much like if they were in a supermarket or convenience store.

Customers are given access to open the intelligent kiosk through the Sharing Vision app. Simply open the app, scan the QR code and the kiosk unlocks.

Customers can pick up and check any products they wish, without being charged for anything they ultimately do not remove. We avoid incorrect billing thanks to Sharing Vision's advanced technology.


After taking their desired items, customers close the kiosk door, and the bill will be processed through the app. This is perfect for customers working in an office or a secured location.

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Temperature Controlled Storage Locker

Temperature Controlled Storage Locker

Through the use of our patented technology we are able to offer our customers with the most stable and reliable frozen storage kiosk to date. This allows us to collaborate with supermarkets and online food providers for the home-delivery of frozen/chilled & perishable goods.

The Temperature Controlled Storage Lockers fulfil a role as supplementary collection points for supermarkets & convenience stores that wish to sell their goods unattended or after-hours, whilst still being temperature controlled and remotely monitored.


Online retailers encounter significant spoilage of fresh, chilled, or frozen produce when their customers cannot find a mutually agreeable time to either receive deliveries, or pick up their purchased items.

Our Temperature Controlled Storage Locker solves this problem and provides instant convenience to both the customer and the retailer, while also reducing food waste.

Community Apps
Sharing Vision Community Apps

Sharing Vision's roots are firmly planted in technology and app-based development. As such, we have the added advantage of being in a position to support the community with mobile applications that help people to live in a better and more supportive society.

Sharing Vision offers our customers a range of app-based services, ranging from ride-sharing and parking spot-sharing to group purchasing. Sharing Vision hosts a thriving online forum, promotes community service, and facilitates a community-based marketplace to trade and sell both used and unused items in an effort to promote the reduce, re-use, recycle philosophy. Sharing Vision strives to connect app users to their local community.


Our work is carried out In collaboration with local supermarkets, petrol stations, shops, small businesses, charities and schools. We share in working together to build and support a better local community for everyone.

General Beverage and Snack Kiosk
Beverage & Snack Kiosk

Besides our own speciality smart-vending kiosks, Sharing Vision also provides the latest high quality General Beverage and Snack Vending Machines.

Our General Beverage and Snack Vending Machines are capable of stocking and dispensing the common types of treats, confectionery and drinks that are synonymous with automated retail vending machine. Upgrading your existing portfolio of beverage & snack machines to the Sharing Vision model, allows you to take advantage of our advanced connectivity options and back-end support & systems.

Our General Beverage & Snack Kiosk machines compete with existing models by being very stable, and feature the latest communication technology and engineering support. All of our machines are integrated with Wi-Fi and HD touch screen panels that facilitate a wide range of application purposes and opportunites.

Interactive Promotional Vide Game Kiosk

Interactive Promotional Video Game Kiosk

Our expert team of software developers work on a number of promotional tools to enable brands to promote their products in a creative and unique way.

Sharing Vision, as a result, has the ability to make a tailor-made promotional video-game to engage customers with your brand.


This attention-grabbing strategy provides a unique way of communicating with your target audience, and gives them an exciting and fun way to engage with you and get to know your services and products.

Age Restricted Content Kiosk
Enhanced Verification

In order to facilitate the sale of age-restricted items via automated retail kiosks, it was necessary to develop a revolutionary technique to strictly adhere to legislation.


Sharing Vision achieved the ability to sell alcohol and other restricted items through un-staffed automated kiosks by being able to verify each customer's age with 100% accuracy. We utilise a dual verification process to achieve this result.

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At Sharing Vision we first focus on delivering the end product, and then work our way back. We have analysed each part of the supply chain in order to make automated vending as efficient and straight-forward as possible to deliver high quality food and beverage products to customers.

We strive to provide an exceptional service to our customers, clients & partners, and we look forward to answering any questions or enquiries you may have.

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  • Capable of vending restaurant-quality food.

  • Enhanced verification for vending age-restricted products.

  • Multitude of vending machine solutions to fulfil your specific needs.