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  • Automated hot & cold food vending machines.

  • Temperature controlled self-pickup lockers.

  • Intelligent food and beverage kiosks.

Automated Retail - Re-Imagined

Sharing Vision is a leading automated vending machine manufacturer & technology company, re-imagining the way vending machines operate.


We put the end-user at the heart of our design process, and work our way back through each part of the supply chain to find the most successful and efficient way to operate.


Through integrated technology, Sharing Vision simplifies the logistics and restocking process, supplies live-updates on purchases, increases reliability through quality, and has created a system that significantly reduces food-waste.


Our vision has arrived.

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Our Products

Sharing Vision has improved the world of automated vending. Having analysed how people interact with app-based interfaces, we have combined key technologies with engineering breakthroughs, to produce a range of vending solutions that cater closely to people's needs.


With a strong focus on sustainability and the environment, we have created a range of vending machines that reduce food-waste while increasing profitability...

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Our Services

Sharing Vision provides a range of supporting functions & services, ranging from operational and customer support, to business development and helping achieve corporate social responsibility targets.

We manufacture different types of automated vending kiosk to suit a range of situations, and we ensure they can all communicate across the same management systems and platforms...

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Our Partners

We partner with existing vending machine operators, start-ups, large and small businesses, and a range of organisations to fulfil their self-serving catering needs. We facilitate and offer franchise arrangements, and welcome investor partnerships.

Our partners know of the growing role automated vending machines perform, facilitating catering for shift-workers where canteens do not operate 24/7, as well as a range of other growing applications...

Sharing Vision Automated Vending Machine

Sharing Vision supplies a range of 24/7 smart self-serve automated vending machines & services to vending machine operators, hotels, hospitals, organisations, & businesses.

We Work - Together

Cathay Pacific Airways
Scottish Development International
Swire Coca Cola